Certification Levels

We have three levels of Certification and they are all Official with a title accreditation. On achieving the required knowledge and skill level you will receive:

  • An official Certificate for the Practitioner and Specialist level
  • A Diploma for the Master level.
  • Membership of the Elite OpEx group
  • The opportunity to purchase the OpEx Crest for Certified Professionals

You will also be a member of an Elite OpEx group and have the opportunity to purchase the OpEx Crest. They are based on a Temple of Operational Excellence which in turn is a combination of all known models.

The certifications build on each other. You must take all 3 steps to reach the highest level and that ensures you have the complete knowledge and skills to be a Master. Check them out, below:

Each Certification Details


Practitioner of Operational Excellence

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This level is covering the implementation of the foundation of the temple. From start to finish, all the steps and key methods needed as well as how to hold the gains. You will be perfectly suited to lead Kaizen initiatives. 5S, 5 Why and SMED are examples of Methods covered in this level. Start with Practitioner-OpEx. After being certified as a Practitioner the front line employees are capable of fast problem solving and root cause analysis, and more.


Specialist of Operational Excellence

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The specialist level covers the implementation of Pillars. It covers all technical aspects including change leadership and support of Practitioner level work. You will be perfectly set up to be a Pillar leader and support Practitioners.

Safety, Focused Improvement and Quality Pillars are examples of Pillars covered in the level.


Master of Operational Excellence

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Master level is about the choice of the correct set up and implementation of your unique system, for one or multiple plants. It covers every aspect of how to build an OpEx organization. Some of the key topics at this level are:

  • Change management
  • Support of Pillars and system audits
  • Steering committee development
  • Communication and training plans
  • Vision-Mission-Strategy and deployment

When you have a graduate as a Master in your organization, you are now self-sufficient in the OpEx system. The Master of OpEx is capable of leading the steering committee, coach leaders, and be the driver in the cultural change.

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