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Our live classes are normally held in a central location in the United States or Europe. During this period of COVID-19, we have postponed all the In Person classes until we have a clear understanding of when travel can begin again.

We are working on adjusting our usual Workshops to be Online with Interactive Instructors. More information will be posted here shortly.

What is the Operational Excellence model?


Operational Excellence is built on these Core Principles:

  • Leadership Development
    Support and develop your people; Lead and manage your change.
  • Loss Intelligence
    The definition of a loss is everything outside of ideal; Analyzing and prioritizing your losses.
  • Loss Eradication
    Using the correct method to fully understand and eradicate the root of the problem.
  • Loss Prevention
    Ensuring the losses do not come back again; Making sure we stop introducing losses into the processes.
  • Create value for the Customer
    Focus on what the Customer really wants.

Operational Excellence (OpEx) is a philosophy. It is used to describe how you execute your operations in order to achieve your vision by making operational excellence your strategy. It’s commonly described as doing the right thing, the right way, every time and developing a problem solving culture.

Benefits of Learning OpEx for your Organization?

To develop your business, organization and people, your business needs a continuous improvement system. Our OpEx certification program has been developed with your business needs in mind. Investing in your people helps you to be self-sufficient for any improvement initiative, rapid cost savings, problem solving etc. Allowing your key people to learn at their own pace with a recognized certification program, increases employee satisfaction as well as business results. Would your organization benefit from answering the following questions?

  • How do you identify and analyze your losses?

  • What is the most effective way to eradicate your problems/losses?

  • How do you sustain the gains?

  • How do you use your resources in the smartest way?

  • How do you manage and develop your culture of change?

Become Equipped
for Excellence


Benefits For You

What is the most rewarding achievement and recognition for an individual who has participated or led an improvement project that has been successful? They become recognized as leaders in the organization and especially in the team they're working in. Often they find that their voice gets heard, they have a different type of respect and they have more impact on what's happening in the specific team that they're working in. Many have seen a career development, you get recognized in the business as a person that improves and supports the business, and supports other people in the organization. You become known to the management and also known as the person who can drive and develop. Which many times have shown up as a career development, a new position, and sometimes a position that didn't even exist in the past?

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Benefits For Your Company

A safe work environment where nobody gets hurt, with a culture of continuous improvement and a well trained critical mass of people that deliver outstanding business results. Improving your business KPIs is the norm. Attracting and retaining the best talent is now easier and develops a culture of belonging. Focusing on customer satisfaction and value creation brings growth, and the freedom to execute and build the organization your way.

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Our Teaching Methods

Designed For Adult Learning

Our models are designed to support adults in learning and receiving vast knowledge of Operational Excellence. Within the different chapters, participants will absorb different information, based on what certification level they choose. The ability to select to learn from specific chapters, to get a diploma, is also available.

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Your learning is our focus

To best help aid in your learning, we use multiple media solutions to assist you. First, you can work at your own pace. Studying online gives you the opportunity to start and stop whenever you like. Along the way, we also give you templates that you can use in the future, if need be. We have text that you can study, to read at your own pace, complete with illustrations and photos that highlight and explain the different theories in the topic you are studying.

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Choose your style of learning

We use animations and/or videos to bring the topics to life for you. We also use audio, giving you the ability to listen to studies when you are on-the-go, you don’t have time to sit and read, or if you simply have a preference to listen. Exercises are provided so that you can use your knowledge, to practice what you are learning.

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Track your progress

To keep track of your own progress, we also have a self-auditing system (quiz), in place. This will allow you to track what you’re learning, the knowledge you’ve received, and what you’ve covered over time. By using this tool, you can ensure that you fully understand the material from every topic point. It's fun, flexible, and worth your time.

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Start Learning OpEx in a Novel Way

How The Process Works?

1. It's simple! Once you register you can take the free chapter to try out the E-learning before you buy it.

2. There are different paths to choose from, the full certification or you can purchase individual chapters

4. You take the quiz at the end of each chapter to check your own knowledge.

3. It's easy! Once you start the course, you have the freedom to learn at your own pace. The E-learning tracker will help you monitor your progress to course completion.

5. Finally, you take the Certification test and submit your project

6. The project will be reviewed by our certified board of Operational Excellence trainers. You will receive your results via email within 5 to 10 business days after submission.

7. The certifications build on each other, so you can certainly move on later if you wish to do so.

Operational Excellence Certifications


Practitioner of Operational Excellence

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This level is covering the implementation of the foundation of the temple. From start to finish, all the steps and key methods needed as well as how to hold the gains. You will be perfectly suited to lead Kaizen initiatives. 5S, 5 Why and SMED are examples of Methods covered in this level. Start with Practitioner-OpEx. After being certified as a Practitioner the front line employees are capable of fast problem solving and root cause analysis, and more.


Specialist of Operational Excellence

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The specialist level covers the implementation of Pillars. It covers all technical aspects including change leadership and support of Practitioner level work. You will be perfectly set up to be a Pillar leader and support Practitioners.

Safety, Focused Improvement and Quality Pillars are examples of Pillars covered in the level.


Master of Operational Excellence

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Master level is about the choice of the correct set up and implementation of your unique system, for one or multiple plants. It covers every aspect of how to build an OpEx organization. Some of the key topics at this level are:

  • Change management
  • Support of Pillars and system audits
  • Steering committee development
  • Communication and training plans
  • Vision-Mission-Strategy and deployment

When you have a graduate as a Master in your organization, you are now self-sufficient in the OpEx system. The Master of OpEx is capable of leading the steering committee, coach leaders, and be the driver in the cultural change.

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