Who are we and why would you choose us?

We are a dedicated, passionate team that has worked and lived all over the world. We absolutely love Operational Excellence and education. Training and coaching others to perform and excel is what we do and who we are.

Why We Started

From our past experience we found that it was difficult recruiting Operational Excellence professionals. The people who applied had very limited knowledge even after they had been certified. We had to do a lot of training to bring them to a basic level and in some regions in the world we struggled to find anyone at all who had any real knowledge.

Leading manufacturing businesses made us very aware of the need to have in-house knowledge about Operational Excellence. However with the OpEx industry being without any official standards, knowing what skills and knowledge a person has is complicated even if they are certified.

We are very passionate about Operational Excellence and education — which makes our business our calling.


Executive Assistant

Executive assistant, general questions and contact

Sales & Marketing

Sales & marketing handles incoming calls for sales and marketing purposes

Military Team

Military, direct support for our Military programs

University/Technical College Team

University/Tech college, direct contact for support of our Uni/College programs

Government Team

Government, direct support for our Government programs

Recruiter Support Team

Recruiter support, Recruiters support to help them find qualified candidates

Lead Instructors

Lead Instructors, questions on the programs and content

Financial Team

Financial, questions on invoices and payments

About Services

The coaching services we provide are focused on supporting the training that we deliver here online. You can use a personal coach or a coach for a team. It's based on what type of training you sign up for and if you ask for a specific package or not.

Our Services

Online Certification

Our programs are flexible to meet all participants needs.

Live Coaching

Our live coaching is added as a learning style.

Recruitment Support

We help recruiters to find people in our network with the correct background and certification level.



University/Technical Colleges, we develop and deliver unique programs in cooperation with these institutions.


Businesses, in close partnership with our customers we ensure our programs are Best-In-Class.


Members, all our graduates are members of our OpEx Elite group and they help us to add and develop training material.

Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts, we lead the International Manufacturing Network (On LinkedIn) with thought leaders from around the world.

for Excellence

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