The Power of a Clear Direction

Read Time: 2 Min

Why do so many people and so many companies struggle with having a clear direction? I don't know about you but I know that many companies I work with, they have used all sorts of strategy deployments, policy deployments Hoshin Kanri and what have you over the years, it doesn't seem really to do the trick. People get really, concentrated on the technical tool that they are using as opposed to concentrating on the company's future.

I believe that if you do this correct, if you use a process that allow people to connect emotional as well as logically, you can document that later in an x matrix or whatever you call the document you use. But if there's no emotional connection to what you're doing and your future, there will be a disconnection in the organization forever. It doesn't matter what you do after this. It might be logical to you but not to the organization.

It's hard to win the hearts of people when the start didn't even require that. Too many businesses have their vision on a wall and people can maybe remember where it is, but it's not in their hearts and minds. I believe that that's the key to success. That’s the Difference that makes the Difference.

We build a very interactive process with our partners and the feedback is truly amazing. Listening to the participants talking about how they somehow have fallen in love with the vision, well it's truly a blessing and for any organization a tremendous opportunity.


Moving on from there isn't easy either but it's a good start to have emotion and logic connected to give that clear direction, not only a direction.

Stay tuned for more articles where I will talk more about how do you deploy this? How do you move on? How do you make this activity happen everywhere in the business based on the direction and how do you create real ownership?

Johan Majlov, Founder & CEO Lean Dimensions International
[email protected]


If you need to improve your business, knowing how to do it in the most effective way is key to any professional.

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