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Three Phases of Change in Process Improvement

Prepare, Manage, and Sustain are not the only 3 phases of change you need to be aware of. In this article, we are describing the actual detailed process of change. Whereas Prepare, Manage, and Sustain are on a higher...

Feb 8, 2023 Read More

Core Tools & PDCA

Table of Content 1.   The Core Tools for Operational Excellence 2.   PDCA Cycle: Plan-Do-Check-Act the core tool for OpEx         a.   Plan ...

Aug 31, 2022 Read More

The Operational Excellence Model: The Complete Guide

Table of Content 1.   What is Operational Excellence, The OpEx Model?         1.1   What is the Operational Excellence definition? 2.   The OpEx...

Aug 10, 2022 Read More

Lead don’t just Manage change

I'm talking about how to lead during resistance to change. I was inspired by watching TV, honestly, all the protests going on in the world today, and I can't help but thinking that the less you are a part of the change,...

Jul 18, 2022 Read More

Taking Charge of Your Change

What's your state of mind right now? Do you think about that to adjust it to the most helpful mind-set or does it just happen to you? There are obviously different people in the world and to make my life simpler,...

Jul 7, 2022 Read More

The empowerment journey

People in your organization, do they feel that they are empowered? Do you have a structure to it? Do you have a plan on how to empower people or not?   I'm thinking a little bit about the experience that you...

Jun 29, 2022 Read More

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